Here are examples of what our customers have to say about our products and support. You’ll notice many enthusiastic comments about customer experience with the iNetVu®, which is no surprise to us, because we emphasize customer satisfaction right from the product development stage.

“Benchmark Data Solutions is a Canadian company that specializes in supplying remote communication services primarily in the oil and gas sector.  We use the C-COM iNetVu equipment to supply a cost effective satellite solution on remote locations where customers require a high speed and reliable internet connection to run their critical operations. Benchmark Data Solutions thinks the iNetVu product is by far the best ‘bang for your buck’ satellite antenna system. We are highly impressed with the consistent speeds, reliability and durability.”

Bevan Hoynick – President

“As a user and reselling partner in South Africa, we can only give the highest accolades to C-COM for providing the iNetVu antenna system to our industry with excellent support and with a very high quality product. The ease of deployment and versatility in operational use has proven to be a valuable tool for governmental and special corporate needs.“

Gustav Engelbrecht
Saab Grintek Technologies (Pty) Ltd
Product Manager Satellite Solutions

“We have been very pleased with the performance of the 1.2m iNetVu satellite dish mounted to the roof of our NASA Airstream Mobile Scientific Laboratory at the Kennedy Space Center. We have used the system for over 4 years and it has been very reliable, easy to deploy, and use. It has allowed us to deliver high speed Internet, voice, and video quickly into areas for remote scientific operations.”

Jim Dumoulin – Lead Engineer
NASA / Kennedy Space Center
Telescience Laboratory